The Bursting Hand
Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
Established 1990
Located this week in Mt View, California

About the Internet Wiretap

Wiretap is run as a free public service to provide electronic text to citizens of the Internet. As one of the earliest etext repositories, there are thousands of links to this site.

All of this material was gathered and organized in an Internet world prior to creation of the World Wide Web. As such, it still resides in the archaic Gopher form. We will be updating and extending the etext collection for display under WWW, though still maintaining its text-only character for the underlying corpus itself.

From 1990 until 1996, Internet Wiretap's internet connection was sponsored by Spies in the Wire and to some extent, Meernet. In February 1997, sponsorship was transferred to Area Systems in Mountain View CA. We are grateful to these sponsors. None of these organizations have any money, so please do not sue them.

If there are problems with copyright of any texts in the archive, please contact for immediate resolution. It is very difficult to verify copyrights of all etexts, though we have done our best to ensure public domain status of them.

Please direct any paper correspondence to:

Internet Wiretap
Office of the Administrative Weasel
PO Box 4436
Mountain View CA 94040

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